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For those of us who aren’t naturally born (or trained) event planners, thinking of exciting group activities can be a drag. Bowling, dinner and drinks, movie nights- it’s all been done. Even worse, they’ve been done so many times that people might not want to come, and you might not blame them. Enough of that nonsense though. If you’re looking for a dynamic time for a party, team event, or another group outing, here’s our take: pole-dancing. Pole-dancing is a great activity for groups, even as a one-time event. It can be perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays, or even team-building. It allows a group to have fun, stay fit, and gain confidence all in one go. Below are some of the specifics on how pole-dancing tailors itself to a variety of events. ​ Bachelorette Parties Ladies, bachelorette parties are the perfect time to engage in the fun, confident, and daring side of you and your friends! With the safety and encouragement of your closest friends, a bachelorette party is ideal for trying new things and taking the time to be the sexy goddesses you all are! Furthermore, this is a fantastic way to remind the bride-to-be that no matter what her future looks like, her friends have always got her back to help her feel empowered. Not to mention, pole-dancing is dancing, it’s music, it’s upbeat tempos- it’s fun! Fun is exactly what bachelorette parties should entail. Birthdays There’s no better way (we think) to celebrate a milestone than by trying something new! Since every year will bring you new experiences, we might as well tackle newness by trying activities outside of our comfort zone. This is an opportunity to avoid the tired celebration go-toos like a dinner out and take a chance to have loads of fun with all your loved ones. It’ll be a birthday you never forget and after this hard workout, you’ll deserve that cake! Team-building Okay, fair enough, pole-dancing events aren’t the first instinct for team-building. We get that. As it turns out though, this is a great option to create a dynamic and confident team. Pole-dancing offers an opportunity for every team member to gain confidence which can lead to confidence at work. Just like much of your team may have never imagined themselves pole-dancing, they may have never imagined themselves pitching the idea that can boost the team’s success or take on a new initiative. Pole-dancing can act as a boost for morale. Pole-dancing is also the perfect place to build trust, safety, and encouragement among team members. As you work together to master this new skill, team-building skills like trust and encouragement can be easily fostered. Pole-dancing can often be thought of an individual pursuit or something you must commit to. It can make a perfect group event. While you only must do it once, we think it’s likely that you’ll come back for more. How to Book? 
  • Party deposits are non-refundable. If you do not show up for your scheduled party, you will forfeit your deposit and will be charged an additional $85 instructor fee.
  • We have a 48-hour cancellation policy for parties. If you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled party, you will be allowed to reschedule without losing your deposit.